l2 US l7 Weatherly

1962 America's Cup Winner

Year Built: 1958
Yacht Designer: Philip Rhodes
Yacht Builder: Luders Marine Construction, Stamford CT
Syndicate: Henry Mercer, New York Yacht Club

The acclaimed yacht designer Philip Rhodes, designed only one 12 Meter in his career, the Cup winner Weatherly! She is stunning to see under sail, with long overhangs and the finely tapered ends of a classic. Beautifully appointed below decks, she glistens with raised mahogany paneling, tufted leather seating, and the warm glow of varnished wood.  One of only three surviving wooden America’s Cup Defenders in the world, Weatherly is a true legend in American sailing history. Built by Luders Marine Shipyard to the highest construction standards, of African Mahogany, White Oak and durable bronze, her longevity is a testament to the boat builder’s art.

She got off to a late start in the 1958 America’s Cup trials off Newport where she was eliminated in the highly competitive defender series that year. In 1962 she was modified by A.E. “Bill” Luders and skippered by the master 12 Meter helmsman, Emil “Bus” Mosbacher. Skipper and crew fought hard all summer to defeat rival Nefertiti in the defender’s trials, before going on to sail against Gretel, the first Australian challenger for the America’s Cup.  The ’62 America’s Cup defense was one of the most closely battled series in history. Weatherly, probably no faster than the speedy challenger from down under, ultimately prevailed, keeping The America’s Cup in Newport, RI. The races were followed closely by President and Mrs. Kennedy, who brought their sense of style to the Newport social scene.

Weatherly continued to compete in America’s Cup competition through 1970, when she was converted for offshore racing on the Great Lakes, the SORC, and later, Puget Sound. She was purchased at Seattle, WA in 1986 by America’s Cup Charters’ founder George Hill, who then sailed her to Newport via the Panama Canal. Weatherly has been meticulously restored in what can only be described as a labor of love, each year seeing hull, rigging and hardware improvements that will extend her life for years to come. Weatherly offers a comfortable varnished interior, speed and beauty under sail, and one of the finest pedigrees in yachting. Enjoy a day with America’s Cup Charters and sail aboard the extraordinary America’s Cup Winner Weatherly!